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Board of Directors and Promoting Proper Governance

Operating a healthy sanctuary is not just about healthy animals. The Board of Directors holds important responsibilities to each sanctuary to ensure they can sustain and provide lifetime care to sanctuary residents. Presenter: Allan Kornberg, M.D., Director, Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries

Collaboration for Sustainability

Feel like you are all alone? Find out how collaborative partnerships provide new opportunities for supporting the sustainability of your sanctuary. Presenter: Erika Fleury, North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance

An Overview of the Roles of Board and Executive Staff

Does your Board of Directors know its responsibilities, and does it understand its relationship with the executive director and staff? Knowing your roles, and communicating well, are keys to a nonprofit’s success or failure. Is your organization prepared for events such as the loss of the executive director, reputational risk, or financial misappropriation? What policies and… Read more »

Forming a Successful Funding Relationship

Sanctuaries and rescue centers involved in the care and conservation of wildlife are always in need of funding to continue their work, but that need alone does not make a funding request successful. What makes an organization stand out among the many applications that foundations receive? In this hour long webinar we hear from several… Read more »

Contingency Planning for Sanctuaries and Rehabilitation Centers

Sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers need to be in continuous operation 24/7, but serious incidents such as natural disasters, fire, pandemics, animal escapes or staff shortages can disrupt these daily operations, and can all cause confusion and disorder if you haven’t prepared for them properly. Contingency planning is a key part of this preparation and is… Read more »

Employment Law 101 for Non-Profit Animal Sanctuaries

Operating a non-profit animal sanctuary is no easy feat. From rescuing, providing 24/7 care for, and finding loving homes for the sanctuary animal residents, to fundraising to cover the expenses associated with operating a sanctuary consume much of the sanctuary operator’s time, compliance with federal and state employment laws is an important, but often forgotten… Read more »

Minimizing Liability and Risk in Using Volunteers

Many sanctuaries rely heavily on volunteer labor, both in connection with providing needed animal care and also in advocacy, outreach and the administrative work of running an organization. While volunteers may be crucial to the operation of a non-profit, they may also present challenges to an organization, including potential exposure to liability. This webinar will… Read more »

The Cost of Caring: Understanding Compassion Fatigue and Burn Out

C0mpassion fatigue and burnout frequently occur in helping professions such as those in the animal welfare and rescue arena. Compassion fatigue and burnout are the cost of caring and are caused by occupational stress and being overworked. They both affect our professional and personal life disrupting our energy, motivation, and impact our effectiveness. Tune in… Read more »

There Ought To Be A Law

Ensuring that humane standards of care and treatment are afforded to captive birds also relies on our having protective enforceable laws in place. In this session, our team of experts provides a summary of current law and suggested approaches for improving captive bird welfare in the U.S., as well as a discussion of the Endangered… Read more »