Tag: Fundraising

New Ways to Raise Money: Online Fundraising 101

It’s official: digital fundraising can be fast, cost-efficient, and effective for non-profits and animal charities if you plan for success and learn how traditional fundraising is changing. Is your sanctuary maximizing its potential for raising money on the Internet? In this new and exclusive GFAS webinar, we will walk you through everything you need to… Read more »

Building Operating Reserves for Long term Sustainability

The GFAS standards address financial stability, and recommend that sanctuaries establish anoperating reserve. But how do you define, promote and build operating reserves at your organization? Our presenter is Bess Foley, chair of the Nonprofit Operating Reserves Initiative (NORI) Workgroup. In this webinar, she addresses: *Making the case for having an operating reserve *Factors for determining an appropriate amount *Strategies for funding a reserve *Guidelines for developing policies/procedures… Read more »

Board of Directors and Promoting Proper Governance

Operating a healthy sanctuary is not just about healthy animals. The Board of Directors holds important responsibilities to each sanctuary to ensure they can sustain and provide lifetime care to sanctuary residents. Presenter: Allan Kornberg, M.D., Director, Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries

Forming a Successful Funding Relationship

Sanctuaries and rescue centers involved in the care and conservation of wildlife are always in need of funding to continue their work, but that need alone does not make a funding request successful. What makes an organization stand out among the many applications that foundations receive? In this hour long webinar we hear from several… Read more »

Minimizing Liability and Risk in Using Volunteers

Many sanctuaries rely heavily on volunteer labor, both in connection with providing needed animal care and also in advocacy, outreach and the administrative work of running an organization. While volunteers may be crucial to the operation of a non-profit, they may also present challenges to an organization, including potential exposure to liability. This webinar will… Read more »