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Conflict and Resolution

Are there difficult conversations that you’re avoiding or not conducting well? Could improving how you deal with emotional, high stake or controversial topics improve your career, persuasion or relationships? The answer is, yes! At the heart of problems within organizations, teams and relationships is a lack of communication and conflict resolution. We are either not… Read more »

Understanding Zoonotic Disease

Zoonotic disease is a disease that can be passed between animals and humans. Zoonotic disease is actually more common than you might think. Scientists estimate that more than 6 in 10 infectious diseases in humans are spread by animals. This webinar covers the basic concepts that will help you understand and prevent the transmission of… Read more »

The Business Plan-The Foundation for Your Success!

Many sanctuaries/rescues start with heart but not with a sound business plan.  Essential to an organization’s success, a business plan shows your supporters that the operation is financially sound, well thought out, and has a concrete plan for the future.  Join us and put your vision into a simple plan that shows your supporters your road map to success and sustainability! Presented by:  Jo… Read more »

Operating Reserves

This webinar provides a quick overview of the concept of an “operating reserve.” We will discuss the purpose of a reserve, how much may be needed for your organization, and other considerations that demonstrate financial stability under the GFAS standard. Presented by Jackie Bennett, Director of Accreditation – Africa and Asia

Navigating the Insurance Maze

This webinar provides an overview of what to look for when shopping for insurance including coverages, exclusions, risk management and best practices tailored to the animal welfare industry. Presented by: Brian Barrick, CEO AWOIP, LLC; Mary Lark, Director of Programs, AWOIP, LLC; Harmony Reina, Animal Welfare Insurance Specialist, AWOIP, LLC

Making the Most of the Foundation Center Database

The Foundation Center Database houses information on thousands of funders and is updated weekly. This is a primary tool that can help your organization in locating and learning more about grantmakers. This webinar will help you learn more about what this database is, how to access it, as well as tips and tricks to assist… Read more »

Google Apps for Non-Profits

Learn about the Google suite of apps which include storage, email using your own domain, spreadsheet presentation and word processing applications. Google provides this product free of charge for non-profits. Presented by: Robin Mason, Education Coordinator, Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries

Fundraising Sources for Sanctuaries

Howard Baskin discusses Big Cat’s experiences with various fundraising efforts including social networking, tours, matching fund and legacy programs, and endowments. Presented by Howard Baskin, Big Cat Rescue

An Overview of the Roles of Board and Executive Staff

Does your Board of Directors know its responsibilities, and does it understand its relationship with the executive director and staff? Knowing your roles, and communicating well, are keys to a nonprofit’s success or failure. Is your organization prepared for events such as the loss of the executive director, reputational risk, or financial misappropriation? What policies and… Read more »