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WRR, founded in 1977, rescues orphaned, injured, and displaced wildlife and returns the majority to the wild. We also provide permanent care in large natural enclosures to farmed and unreleasable wildlife. Among the latter are native and nonnative wild animals who were victimized by the pet trade, held in roadside zoos or used in research. These include black bears, primates, mountain lions, other mammals, and numerous species of birds and reptiles.

In addition, WRR offers assistance, on a limited basis, to homeless companion animals (whom we adopt) and feral cats and provides advice and assistance for dealing with human-wildlife conflicts in a nonlethal manner. WRR staff work to educate the public about more appropriate and respectful relations with nature and wildlife. Whether through training, education, advocacy, or direct animal care, WRR fulfills its commitment to wildlife protection and ethical, sustainable relations between humans and the natural world.