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We Speak Up for Horses bound for slaughter and those neglected, abused, or discarded by rescuing and rehoming these horses. We also educate the public about horse slaughter, horse welfare laws, and what it means to be a responsible horse owner. Our work is driven by the belief that education seeds compassion, a life-long commitment to our horses and a respect for all life.

We have no criteria for the horses we take in. Sadly unhandled or improperly handled stallions, mares, geldings go to slaughter more often through no fault of their own. We save these horses, geld the stallions and use correct training that builds trust. For these horses the process takes longer and costs more but they are worth it. Once they learn to trust they are loving beautiful animals. We also provide sanctuary for aged horses or horses with medical issues that need good care and a safe place to live out the rest of their lives.