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Sixteen Hands Horse Sanctuary, Inc. (SHHS) is a 501 (c)3 organization that provides rescue, rehabilitation and lifetime sanctuary to abused, abandoned, neglected and unwanted horses. It also promotes awareness of the principles of natural horsemanship through educational programs and provides outreach assistance to horse owners in the community. The sanctuary, which was founded in 2007 and is located on a 23 acre ranch in Ona, FL, has rescued more than 60 equines. Most of them arrived with serious physical and/or emotional challenges, and many would have been killed or left to die of illness or injury if we hadn’t taken them in. Unlike other rescues, SHHS does not have an adoption program. Lifetime care is provided, although if a special situation arises, a horse can be moved to a foster home. A second unique feature of SHHS is its focus on natural horsemanship. Robin Cain, the founder, has extensive training in the Pat Parelli’snatural horsemanship program. Seven games that reflect “the nature of the horse” and promote effective horse-human communication serve asthe foundation for Parelli’s program and for all activities at the sanctuary. The games help horses become, as Parelli says, “smarter, calmer, braver, trusting and more athletic”. Sanctuary volunteers are taught to use these games on a routine basis. Natural horsemanship demonstrations are central to sanctuary open houses and tours.Sixteen Hands Horse Sanctuary depends exclusively on donations and volunteers