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Shooting Star is an IRS designated 501c3 public charity in Wakarusa, KS. Founded in 2001 and operated as a private rescue for many years, our mission is to offer rescue and rehabilitation to equines in need of rescue due to abuse, neglect, risk of slaughter or abandonment, with eventual placement into permanent homes when possible. After arrival, equines are provided with the necessary evaluation and rehabilitation while offering loving daily care encouraging a healthy body, mind and spirit. Due to blindness, medical issues or geriatric needs, a few equines will remain at Shooting Star in the sanctuary program if home placements are not available to them. Community outreach is provided offering education and advocacy of equine issues supporting appropriate equine care standards and humane treatment. Shooting Star strives to make a difference by educating the public aboutslaughter issues, low cost gelding clinics and by offering reasonable alternatives for owners who are no longer able to care for their equine.