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Rosemary Farm Sanctuary is a magical, expansive rescue hidden in the mountains of the Catskill region of NY. Here, they rescue horses in need and protect them for life. A few are adopted under strict contract, while many remain as part of the family, about three hours and a world away from NYC. Nearly 90 equines are at home here. We focus on quality care and on determining what each horse needs to be healthy, happy and fulfilled. Many of our equines live in herd groups that run the mountain (with daily care) while others have dedicated stalls to keep them comfortable. We share our knowledge with prospective adopters and horse owners to improve the overall husbandry of domestic horses. We are home to a wide variety of breeds and medical needs, including several fully blind horses and a donkey named Nemo with a prosthesis. We are supported by private donations that allow us to provide quality care, and to continue to step in to help horses that need us. We welcome visits from donors, many who have never seen a herd of horses, and host open tours weekly in the summer. Our Airbnb Guest House is a special way to connect and unplug, and listen to the horses under a starry sky. Rosemary Farm is where ‘horses get to be horses’. We welcome your valuable support.

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