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The Oklahoma Primate Sanctuary provides exceptional, compassionate, lifetime care for non-human primates retired from research, rehomed from the pet trade, or retired from display. We are dedicated to providing a highly enriched quality of life for the primates in our care by giving them access to natural environments, regular psychological enrichment, a healthy and diverse diet, and professional veterinary care.

Located outside of Newcastle, OK, the sanctuary currently cares for over 100 animals on 12.5 acres. Primate residents range from a few years old to over 30 years of age and represent fifteen different species: four species of capuchin, four species of vervet-type monkeys, patas monkeys, and six species of macaques.

Due to their unnatural upbringing, many of the monkeys display abnormal behaviors which they developed as a way to deal with the intense stresses they suffered in their early years. These unfortunate primates can never be released to the wild, so the sanctuary’s focus is on providing a highly enriched environment that stimulates and encourages engagement in natural behaviors such as foraging for food and social grooming.

The Oklahoma Primate Sanctuary is a federally registered non-profit organization and receives no government funding. We are solely reliant on the generosity and compassion of donors as well as private foundations to help us achieve our life-affirming work. Due to the unique needs of the monkeys, the sanctuary is not open to the public.

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