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Currently the only accredited wildlife sanctuary in Malawi, Lilongwe Wildlife Centre is home to almost 200 injured or rescued wild animals including carnivores, primates, birds, reptiles and antelope. It is also the country’s largest environmental education facility, welcoming over 30,000 visitors a year, and protects an important urban wildlife reserve.

Lilongwe Wildlife Centre is a project of Lilongwe Wildlife Trust, which is a CONGOMA registered NGO working to protect Malawi’s wildlife and habitats. Lilongwe Wildlife Trust runs a number of projects nationwide, including the Wildlife Emergency Response Unit, a joint initiative with the Malawi Government. The environmental education and community conservation projects are designed to benefit both people and wildlife and research projects cover wildlife release, conservation medicine and conservation genetics. Combatting wildlife crime through advocacy and enforcement is also a key remit for the Trust, with work including policy and law reviews, ivory detection dogs and pro-active law enforcement.