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Horse Harbor Foundation in Poulsbo, WA, is a lifelong equine rescue sanctuary that maintains a resident herd of 25 horses saved from neglect, abandonment and abuse, most who live well into their thirties after being rehabilitated and provided with loving and professional care and keep for the remainder of their lives. The Foundation only accepts horses who have no other options for survival, but has helped rehome over 700 other horses to safe new homes through a regional network of legitimate nonprofit equine rescues in the region. The organization conducts an a comprehensive equine education program with a focus on competent equine stewardship. This includes its area’s only equine assisted therapy program for youngsters with developmental and learning disabilities. Horse Harbor was the fifth equine sanctuary to be fully accredited by GFAS in 2010 and the first on the West Coast. It is currently accredited for a third three-year period.