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Heartwood Haven was founded in 2017 to provide rescue and sanctuary to farmed animals who are at risk of slaughter, euthanasia, cruelty, or neglect. Our goal is to inspire people to make more compassionate choices in their everyday life and to see farmed animals in a new light. Heartwood Haven has grown by leaps and bounds from a small 2.5 acres to a substantial 45.5-acre property. In just five short years, Heartwood Haven has rescued over 1300 farmed animals from some of the most dire and horrific circumstances. Our programs include animal welfare education, volunteer, rescue, and adoption programs. In addition to cruelty cases, we focus on special needs and emergency situations and often act as an animal emergency 911. The animal habitats that our residents live in are natural, expansive, and enriched for their physical, psychological, and mental well-being. Heartwood Haven maintains that every animal deserves respect. Our vision is a world where farmed animals are no longer exploited and people practice a compassionate lifestyle that protects animals, human health, and the environment.