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What if a horse could teach love, trust, communication, healthy conflict resolution, teamwork, patience, and resilience? What if a horse could empower a person to be their best and happiest? They can and they do!

Our programs include therapy for children, adults, retired and active duty military, and most importantly a horse rescue/sanctuary.

We also provide owner education, rehabilitation, sanctuary for horses and we are the Western Slope Hay Bank of Colorado in which we supply hay for disaster relief and horse owners in need.

We will guarantee that 100% of your donations will go to the horses care, rehabilitation, shelter and training of these horses that are brought into the End of the Trail Rescue facility.

Our facility has witnessed for over 18 years the healing impact that horses have on individuals with mental and physical challenges. It only seemed natural for us to provide a place of healing and sanctuary for our four-legged therapists. Watching a horse and a child, both from environments filled with abuse and neglect, neither in control, leaning on each other to rebuild broken dreams, trust, and love is truly awe-inspiring.