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Vervet Monkey Foundation, South Africa
Temporary Volunteer Veternarian
The Vervet Monkey Foundation is looking for a licensed and certified veterinarian (ideally with primate experience) to assist us with our vasectomy season this year. As part of our non-breeding protocol, the VMF vasectomises any 3-year-old male monkeys, generally between August-September. With the assistance of our meds team and our onsite surgery facilities, you will be performing approximately 20 vasectomies, as well as analysing fecal samples for on-site parasite detection, and conducting necropsies on our deceased monkeys. The VMF will provide medical instruments, equipment and drugs for these procedures.

We recommend that you stay onsite for a minimum of 2 weeks but longer stays are certainly encouraged, ideally you’d be able to come out anytime between July and October of this year. The VMF will cover transportation fees from Johannesburg to Tzaneen upon arrival. During you stay, you will be provided with private accommodation (with electricity), delicious vegan meals, WiFi in communal areas and free laundry services.

This incredible opportunity will also give you the chance to learn more about South Africa, our local flora and fauna, and our fantastic vervet monkeys. Please contact gro.a1555995151z.tev1555995151rev@e1555995151isoj1555995151 for more information about how you can become part of the team!

Wildcat Sanctuary, Sandstone, Minnesota
Business Manager
Click here for details and how to apply

Pasado’s Safe Haven, Washington
Animal Caregiver
Vet Tech (Snohomish County)
Vet Assistant (Snohomish County)
Vet Assistant (King County)
Facilities/Farm Associate
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Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Education Internship
Animal Care Internship
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Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary, Northern Nevada
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Indraloka Animal Sanctuary, Mehoopany, Pennsylvania
Sanctuary Veterinary Technician / Veterinary Nurse (Large Animal)
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Jungle Friends, Gainseville, Florida
Sanctuary Director
Primate Sanctuary Managers
Social Media Coordinator
Full-Time Monkey Caregiver

Duchess Sanctuary, Oakland, Oregon
Senior Maintenance Technician
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Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, Murchison, Texas
Internship Opportunities:
Animal Care Rotational Internship
Vet Tech Internship
Education and Outreach Internship (this one was just added)
Animal Care Center Operations Internship
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Volunteer Opportunities
Facilities & Maintenance
Equine Team Assistant
Primate Team Assistant
Wildlife Team Assistant
Garden Club
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Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, Kendalia, Texas
Director of Administration
Grants and Development Manager
Veterinarian (Full Time)
Above the Gate Supervisor
Program Support Personnel
Wildlife Rehabilitator and Animal Caretaker
Seasonal Animal Caretaker
Veterinary Technician Apprentice (VTA)
Advanced Wildlife Rehabilitation Apprentice
Intro Wildlife Rehabilitation Apprentice
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