Three Year Renewal

We know that situations at sanctuaries can change dramatically change in a short time — for better and worse. Therefore, we conduct accreditation renewals every three years.

All Accredited and Verified organizations will be notified of upcoming renewal within three months of their due date when the following documents will be requested:

Groups Applying for Re-Verification:

  • Updated Organization Overview Form (Form A)
  • Updated Census (Form B)
  • Current Board of Directors
  • Current General Liability Insurance
  • Updated lease agreement if applicable
  • Budget for the current year
  • Permits, MOUs for the current year, as applicable
  • Confirmation of financial reserve set
  • Statistics for the last calendar year
  • Note any other changes felt important over the last three years
  • Progress on post-certification goals
Groups Applying for Re-Accreditation:
All documents required for re-verification plus:
  • Current of Directors and Officers insurance
  • Copy of any changes to by-laws
  • Updated strategic plan
  • Updated financial plan

After review of this information, GFAS may request further documents and updates, as needed.

GFAS staff will determine the need for a site visit based on current policy (available on request). If applicable, site visits may not be deferred for more than one consecutive renewal assessment.