About GFAS

Every day, the world over, wild and domestic animals are abandoned, displaced, or injured by humans and natural causes. The sole purpose of The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) is to ensure that these animals receive the highest standards of care during rescue, rehabilitation, and the rest of their life.

We are the only globally recognized organization for certifying that a facility meets the GFAS Standards of Excellence and recognizes those as a true “sanctuary.” As such, facilities around the world, large and small, come to GFAS for guidance and support in achieving and maintaining GFAS-accredited status.

Our Vision

A world in which sanctuaries provide lifetime humane care to all animals in need.

Our Mission

To continuously improve the quality of care for animals requiring sanctuary by

  • Accrediting sanctuaries based on worldwide standards of excellence,
  • Facilitating operational and financial support, and
  • Enhancing effectiveness, recognition, and collaboration

What is a sanctuary?