Pasado’s Safe Haven of Monroe, Washington is Accredited by Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries

May 8, 2018 (Monroe, WA) – The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS), the only globally recognized organization providing standards for identifying legitimate animal sanctuaries, awarded Accredited status to Pasado’s Safe Haven as of May 7, 2018.

Accreditation signifies that Pasado’s Safe Haven meets GFAS’s rigorous and peer-reviewed farm animal care standards which are confirmed by a comprehensive site visit. Accreditation also signifies adherence to standards addressing the sustainability of the organization, ethical principles, finances, staffing, education outreach, security and safety and other operational aspects.

“We are proud to announce the Accreditation of Pasado’s Safe Haven,” said Valerie Taylor, GFAS Program Director. “The staff and volunteers pay a great deal of attention to the individualized care of the animals residing at the sanctuary.  This, coupled with the sanctuary’s modern and innovative physical facilities, and ideal business practices, positions Pasado’s Safe Haven as a stand-out model for other animal rescue and sanctuary groups to aspire to.”

“We are honored to be the first farm sanctuary facility in the Pacific Northwest to be receiving Accreditation from GFAS,” said Laura Henderson, Executive Director of Pasado’s Safe Haven. “We have a dedicated and uniquely trained team of staff and volunteers that believe in providing the highest level of care for the farm animals that are rescued from cruelty and neglect and come through our sanctuary gates to heal.”

“We give careful consideration to the individual needs of each animal that spends time at our sanctuary, and continually look for ways to exceed all expectations, from our facilities to medical care to spreading compassion,” said Stephanie Perciful, Sanctuary Director of Pasado’s Safe Haven. “We want to be a resource and provide inspiration to other rescue organizations so that more animals can be saved.”

About Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries
Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the sole purpose of strengthening and supporting the work of animal sanctuaries, rescues, and rehabilitation centers worldwide. The goal of GFAS in working with and assisting these animal care facilities is to ensure they are supported, honored, recognized and rewarded for meeting important criteria in providing care to the animals in residence. GFAS was founded in 2007 by animal protection leaders from a number of different organizations in response to virtually unchecked and often hidden exploitation of animals for human entertainment and financial profit. The GFAS Board of Directors guides the organization’s work in a collaborative manner. While the board includes those in top leadership at The Humane Society of the United States, International Fund for Animal Welfare, and American Anti-Vivisection Society, all board members serve as individuals dedicated to animal sanctuaries.

About Pasado’s Safe Haven
Pasado’s Safe Haven has a uniquely comprehensive approach to ending animal cruelty. In addition to investigating animal cruelty crimes and providing sanctuary and rehabilitation to animals who have suffered from abuse and neglect, we also advocate for better laws to protect animals and work to educate the public about how they can help end animal cruelty. For more information, visit or call 360-793-9393.

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