Contingency Planning for Sanctuaries and Rehabilitation Centers

Sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers need to be in continuous operation 24/7, but serious incidents such as natural disasters, fire, pandemics, animal escapes or staff shortages can disrupt these daily operations, and can all cause confusion and disorder if you haven’t prepared for them properly. Contingency planning is a key part of this preparation and is a component of organizational continuity, disaster recovery and risk management.

This 45 minute webinar provides participants an overview of contingency planning, explains the contingency planning approach, outlines things to consider while planning and how a contingency approach will mitigate the effects of major events that may affect facility operations. The webinar will also provide tips on “Crisis Communication” – how an organization responds externally to a situation happening at its facility.


Gail A’Brunzo, Wildlife Rescue Manager, IFAW

In her role as Wildlife Rescue Manager, Gail works with a variety of rescue, rehabilitation and release projects around the world, supporting ground-breaking programmes such as the release back to the wild of Amur tigers in Russia, clouded leopards in India and grizzly bears in Canada. Working closely with the US office on the campaign to end private ownership of big cats, Gail’s team helps with relocation of animals found in poor conditions.

Before taking on her present position, Gail served as Animal Rescue Programme Officer, responding both domestically and internationally to natural and man-made disasters, bringing her shelter setup and management experience to a variety of situations worldwide. She also developed the evaluation and measurement tools utilised by the Animal Rescue and Companion Animal programmes to determine the effectiveness of projects IFAW supports.

Shannon Walajtys, Disaster Response Manager, IFAW

As the Animal Rescue Program’s Disaster Response Manager, Shannon overseess IFAW’s work with animals affected by natural or man-made disasters around the world. Between active responses, Shannon concentrates on improving disaster preparedness with IFAW and with our partners around the world. In the U.S., India, Southeast Asia and South America, Shannon oversees the IFAW Emergency Response Networks, coalitions of local community disaster response groups called on to aid in large-scale disasters throughout the country and/or region.

Contingency Planning for Sanctuaries and Rehabilitation Centers

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