Seeing the Forest for the Trees

As more sanctuaries are going through the process of accreditation, there are sure to be differences of opinions on specific standards… sometimes major differences of opinion. We will work through those together, in a professional and respectful manner.

But as we do so, let’s not lose sight of the forest. An accreditation program for sanctuaries says that the work of sanctuaries is important enough and matters enough for there to be guidelines. Standards say there are best practices in this field, and lessons that have been learned. Accreditation says that that the level of care, the level of financial stability, and the level of sustainability in a crisis should matter to donors and funders. Standards say that sanctuaries must be prepared to survive the loss of a founder. Simply put, standards say the future of the animals in our care matters. A lot.

Of all the endeavors undertaken in the humane field, sanctuaries are the one effort that MUST not fail. The animals in the care of sanctuaries have already been victimized. We owe a special dispensation to them to insure that they are never victimized again. Together, we can create a community of sanctuaries that have drawn the line in the sand…making it clear that failure is NOT an option, and that the animals are indeed, at last, home and safe, forever.