Tag: Sustainability

Building Operating Reserves for Long term Sustainability

The GFAS standards address financial stability, and recommend that sanctuaries establish anoperating reserve. But how do you define, promote and build operating reserves at your organization? Our presenter is Bess Foley, chair of the Nonprofit Operating Reserves Initiative (NORI) Workgroup. In this webinar, she addresses: *Making the case for having an operating reserve *Factors for determining an appropriate amount *Strategies for funding a reserve *Guidelines for developing policies/procedures… Read more »

Collaboration for Sustainability

Feel like you are all alone? Find out how collaborative partnerships provide new opportunities for supporting the sustainability of your sanctuary. Presenter: Erika Fleury, North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance

Have you signed your prenup yet?

No one likes to think about divorce, especially when they just got engaged! Yet, especially when the stakes are high (e.g, one person already has children, one person is much wealthier than the other), prenuptials are common. Why? Because divorce statistics, last time I checked, say you have about a 50% chance of divorce, and… Read more »

Seeing the Forest for the Trees

As more sanctuaries are going through the process of accreditation, there are sure to be differences of opinions on specific standards… sometimes major differences of opinion. We will work through those together, in a professional and respectful manner. But as we do so, let’s not lose sight of the forest. An accreditation program for sanctuaries… Read more »