Recorded Webinars

Forming a Successful Funding Relationship – Presented by: Linda May, Arcus Foundation; Melanie Anderson, The Summerlee Foundation; and Kirvil Skinnarland, Maria Norbury Foundation.

Our new 10 in 10 Series is available here.  These are short prerecorded webinars which are released every Wednesday that cover a wide array of topics.  These sessions consist of approximately 10 slides in 10 minutes – the perfect length for your break or lunch time enjoyment.

If you are a GFAS Accredited/Verified organization, you can view previously recorded webinars for GFAS groups here.  Please email Robin Mason at if you need the password.

What are webinars?

WebinarsGFAS is pleased to offer free webinars designed specifically for animal sanctuary personnel and volunteers. Webinars are online workshops, offered in a variety of formats. The GFAS webinars take place online, where you access via the internet to see the presenter’s slides.  You access the audio portion of the webinar either by calling in using your computer (which is free) or via a teleconference call (it is NOT an 800#, you will be responsible for the normal charges you pay for long distance calls). Once you are registered, you will receive an email with the instructions on how to join the day of the webinar.

Testimonials from Webinar Participants

“I just wanted to say thank you for the webinar today.  The information you provided and the questions you answered today certainly helped me, and I will be working on learning as much as possible before writing grants to try to purchase our own property. I really appreciate the time you took to help.” -Terri G.

“Thank you Patty for sharing your knowledge and insight into grant writing for Animal Sanctuaries.  It was extremely helpful in identifying resources, pointing out where we need improvement but also validated things we are doing well.  We are setting a goal to at least double grant funding income in 2010.”  -Dee D.

“I learned so much more than I even hoped for.” -Cindy