All accredited and verified organizations will be notified of upcoming renewal within three months of their due date. You will be required to update the following documents:

Groups Applying for Re-Verification:

  • Update to Form A – confirmation of legal non-profit status- prior year’s revenue
  • Update to Form B
  • Current Board of Directors
  • Confirmation of General Liability Insurance
  • Updated lease agreement if applicable
  • Current budget for the year
  • Most recent audit or statement of financial position, statement of activities or statement of cash flow
  • Confirmation of financial reserve set aside for emergencies
  • Statistics for the last calendar year (indicate year)
    • number of deaths including euthanasia
    • number of adoptions
    • average daily census
  • Note any other changes felt important over the last three years
  • Progress on three year goals outline on official letter
Groups Applying for Re-Accreditation:
  • All documents required for re-verification
  • Directors and Officers insurance
  • Copy of any changes to by-laws or articles of incorporation in the last three years, attach if applicable
  • Updated strategic plan

GFAS staff will determine the need for subsequent site visits based on current policy (available on request).