Welcome to the GFAS Accreditation and Verification Application Process!

Before you begin, make sure to review the eligibility guidelines for applying. Learn about the types of animal organizations and other required criteria. Or check our page of Frequently Asked Questions. Feel free to  (robin@sanctuaryfederation.org) for assistance at any time.

1. Step 1 – Form A – General Information

After you have reviewed the qualification guidelines, if you are interested in applying for GFAS Accreditation/Verification, the first step in the process is to complete Form A online to help us learn more about your organization. You can access the form here. If you have any trouble with this form, please contact Robin Mason at .

Our accreditation staff will review your submitted Form A and contact you with follow-up questions or instructions to move forward with the application.

Application Fee: Once it has been determined that you meet the eligibility requirements to apply, you will be sent the information to submit an application.

2. Census of Animals (Form B) and Full Application:

Once the application fee has been received, you will receive Form B (Animal Inventory) and the species-specific application package which complements the GFAS Standards of Care.

3. Review Period

GFAS staff will review all materials, and contact your group with follow up questions or materials, as needed. During this time, GFAS staff will arrange for a site visit to your facility. Your organization will be given the confidentiality agreement and told what to expect.

A site visitor will come to review your organization’s facilities. A confidentiality agreement is signed by the site visitor.

After the visit, GFAS staff will review all materials and may call your organization with any questions. For Accreditation, interviews, often by phone, are conducted with a board member and others unless done during site visit.

4. Assessment

GFAS staff will present information on your organization to an accreditation/verification committee. Your organization will be notified about any items that need to be completed prior to accreditation or verification (compliance items) and what items have been set as three year goals. Once your organization has completed any compliance items and demonstrates those changes to GFAS, you will receive confirmation that you are accredited/verified.

5. Accreditation or Verification!

Congratulations! GFAS will send your organization a draft press release for input and approval, which is then subsequently published. Your organization will receive an award letter that includes a list of 3 year goals and a certificate. Your organization’s name will be published on the GFAS website. You will then have access to the benefits of GFAS accredited or verified status – Learn more here.

An award of GFAS Verification or Accreditation is valid for three years barring unexpected circumstances (learn more). Lean more about the 3 year re-evaluation process here. An annual fee will be due on April 15 beginning the second year of accreditation or verification. Review the fee schedule here.

Your organization may be asked to provide additional information, such as changes in the number of residents or changes in contact information. It is expected that the organization will continue to comply with standards of care during the three-year period and will report any major changes to the organization to GFAS, will work on any areas identified by GFAS as needing attention or improvement and will respond to any requests made by GFAS.